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Mizuho MX-606DThe MX-606D was Mizuho's one and only 6 meter SSB/CW base station. Manufactured beginning in 1986 and produced throught the late '80s, the MX-606D is clearly based on the MX-6S handheld transceiver design and the and matching PL-6S 10W amplifier, but they are integrated together into a single radio in one bigger box.

The optional CW-6D, which provides sidetone and QSK CW operation, is like a CW-2S on a board that mounts inside the radio. The controls are much larger, of course, and tuning isn't nearly as course as in a handheld. Output is 10W.

One big improvement over the handheld VXO design is that each crystal covers a full 100kHz of the band instead of 50kHz. They are exactly the same crystals used in the MX-6S, but instead of stretching 50kHz up from the derived base frequency of the rock, they stretch 50kHz in both directions. A typical rig might be crystalled to cover 50.100-50.200 in the A position and 50.200- 50.300 in the B position.

The rig uses the same MS-1 speaker/mic. as an MX-6S would, but a front panel switch allows you to choose between the internal radio speaker and the speaker in the MS-1. A quarter inch phono jack is also provided for headphones or an external speaker.


Frequency Coverage: Any two 100kHz segments in the 50 to 51 MHz amateur band
Frequency Control: VXO; Maximum ±50kHz per channel
No. of Channels: 2
Frequency Stability: ±500Hz from a cold start
      ±100Hz/30 Minutes at 25°C
Antenna: 50 Ohms unbalanced, SO-239 connector
Power requirements: 11-14VDC
Power consumption: 100mA at Receive (no signal); 3A Transmit
Size: 222mm (D) x 205mm (W) x 902mm (H)
Weight: 5.75kg

Operating modes: A3J (USB), A1 (CW)
Maximum Output Power: 10W
Spurious Output: Greater than 40dB down
Sideband Supression: Greater than 40dB

Sensitivity: Less than 0.5µV for 15dB S/N
Selectivity: ±1.1kHz (-6dB), ±2.4kHz (-60dB)
IF: 112735MHz